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Greater Champaign County AMBUCS

2014 Golf Outing

10th Annual Charity Golf Outing

The golf outing was a big success! We earned over $11,000 for our projects! Woo, woo! Thanks to everyone who helped!

Thanks also to Bunny's Tavern for providing the hot dogs for lunch and a big thank you to Town and Country Catering for providing wonderful food for our evening meal. If you want to hit a bar tonight, make it Bunny's. If you need someone to cater an event, you won't go wrong with Town and Country! Thanks again to both!


AMBUCS is a national charitable service organization consisting of a diverse group of men and women dedicated to creating mobility and independence for people with disabilities. The Greater Champaign County Chapter has been making a difference in the Champaign County since 1981.

Please take a look at the many wonderful things we do, and consider becoming a member. We can always use the help, and we love meeting new people in the community. In fact, if you like, just drop by one of our lunch meetings to see what we are all about. We'll even spring for lunch!

The national organization was formed in 1922 in Birmingham, Alabama by William L. White. He called it "American Business Club" which later evolved into AMBUCS. The national organization has a new video with more of the history and lots of information about the various AMBUCS projects:
      2013 Projects
      2012 Projects


If you would like to donate funds to our projects please send a check made payable to "GCC AMBUCS" and mail it to:
      PO Box 592
      Urbana, IL 61803
or click on our Contact Us page and any of our officers can help you out.

Thank you!

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