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(Note to therapists: Please continue to place orders for Amtrykes!  Due to supply issues, the wait time is longer so we need to get on the wait list as soon as possible!  Contact Scott Price,, or 217-202-4487)

What is an Amtryke?

Amtrykes are therapeutic tricycles that are designed for children and adults with disabilities. We believe every child or adult, regardless of their abilities should have the opportunity to ride their own bike.


Amtrykes come in a variety of models. They may be "pedaled" by using hands and/or feet. To ensure a proper fit, Amtrykes can be adapted in many ways including frame size and positioning. There are different seating options available for children in need of head and trunk support. Equipment is available to keep legs in proper alignment and to prevent knee scissoring. Even hand and feet placement can be improved with available adaptive equipment. Though it is a therapeutic tricycle, designed to help children improve motor skills, provide strength training, and build self esteem, the Amtryke's most important feature is that it is fun to ride and offers children the chance of inclusive play with children of all abilities. Kids just get to be kids.


What are the benefits of an Amtryke?

Amtrykes offer great recretional opportunities for children with disabilities. While able bodied children can run, jump, and play, children with disabilities have limited opportunities for physical activity. Physical activity is known to improve heart and lung function, promote bone strength, reduce stress, enhance and/or maintain cognitive function, and provide opportunities for recreation and social interaction. The Center for Disease Control recommends that children receive 60 minutes of physical activity a day that should include aerobic activity and muscle and bone strengthening exercises. The Amtryke helps children with disabilities meet these recommendations.


The Therapist's role

AMBUCS has long recognized the importance of a therapist when considering an Amtryke. Because the Amtryke is a therapeutic tricycle we require a therapist's evaluation and recommendation before providing anyone with an Amtryke.


Where to try an Amtryke

We assist with the placement of Amtrykes all around Illinois. We also help out in Wisconsin and Indiana. We now have nine Demo Site (places where therapists may work with children to determine if an Amtryke is right for them).  The full list of Demo sites are:




We have seen the excitement and smiling faces of children who are able to ride a bike for the first time and it is good! It is one of the most rewarding projects the club does!

Carle Therapy Services

Urbana, IL

Unit 4 School District

Champaign, IL

Childrens Hospital

Milwaukee, WI

Development Services Ctr.

Champaign, IL

Laremont School SEDOL

Gages Lake, IL

Lutheran OP Rehab

Fort Wayne, IN

Mahomet-Seymour School Dist.

Mahomet, IL

Provena Covenant Med. Ctr.

Urbana, IL

Rural Champaign County

Special Education Coop

Rantoul, IL

Stephens Family YMCA

Champaign, IL

Urbana School District, #116

Urbana, IL

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