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Due to the high volume of requests, we've stopped taking ramp applications for this season.


Please contact Keith Jamieson, 217-552-3331, to be pre-qualified for a build.


To qualify, the primary person must have a permanent handicap.  Our ramps are major structures and can't be built for a temporary injury.  We build in Champaign County and only for low-income families.


Our ability to build ramps depends on the weather and the availability of volunteers and funds.  Nothing happens fast so if you need a ramp built right away you might need to contact a commercial builder.

What Happens Next

Once you are pre-qualified, you will be sent an application.  Fill out the application and return it to the address in the form.  Be sure to sign it and be sure the phone number you list is correct and accepts incoming calls.  If you live in a mobile home park, the property owner must sign the application also.  Once we get your application you will be put on our list.  When we get to your name on the list, our ramp build leader will give you a call and set up a time to come look at your property.  He will make the final decision at that time if we can build.  Once he determines that we can build for you he will work with the volunteers on a possible date.  He'll contact you again when the date for the build is set.


Our ramps are built free of charge but donations of any kind are always welcome.  Any donation allows us to help more people in Champaign County.

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