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Cash Bash

One of our major fundraisers in the winter is the Cash Bash.  Its essentially a reverse raffle with 275 tickets sold at $100 each and the last ticket drawn could win 7,500!

Starting in February, AMBUCS members sell tickets to their family and friends for the big raffle and for the dinner held that evening.  (AMBUCS members can buy tickets as well.)  Dinner is just $25 per person and has been catered by Neimerg's with the event held at the C-U Elks Lodge at Savoy.

The evening begins with an open bar from 6pm-9pm.  We have card games during the night and 50/50 raffles.  For the card game, AMBUCS volunteers sell a card from a 52 card deck with some of the games selling cards for $10 each.  The card is torn in two with one half given to the person and one half put in the bucket.  As soon as all 52 cards are sold, a card is drawn and the winner gets the pot.

We run two 50/50 raffles, one for $5, and one for $10.  These tickets are sold throughout the night and drawn at different times during the evening.  Half of the money raised goes to the winner and half to our Chapter.

Added in 2019, Heads-and-Tails game.  Each person can pay $5 to participate in the game and when the game starts everyone playing stands up.  They are asked to choose "heads" by putting their hands on their heads or choose "tails" by putting their hands on their butts.  A coin is flipped and if it comes up "heads" people who choose "tails" are out of the game and must sit down.  This keeps happening until just one person is standing and they win the basket.  There are two Heads-and-Tails games during the night.

As everyone finishes dinner, the big raffle begins.  The first ticket drawn out of the roll cage gets $200.  The drawing continues with every 10th ticket drawn winning $100.  When only five tickets remain in the cage, drawing stops and the people holding the last five tickets come up on the stage to share a bottle of champagne to celebrate winning cash.  The fourth from last ticket drawn wins $100, the next ticket wins $200, the next $300, and the next to last ticket drawn wins $400.  And the final ticket wins $7,500.  As with all good raffles, there's a twist.  If all the people on the stage agree, they can pool the cash prizes and split the money equally.  If just one person opts to go on, the drawing continues.  As each ticket is drawn, the MC asks the group again for agreement on splitting the money and this continues until there are no tickets remaining.  In 2018, one person opted to continue the drawing all the way to the end and it paid off!  He was the winner of $7,500.

AMBUCS members and guests alike, have a fun time and enjoy great food!

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