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Amtryke Road Rally

When GCC and C-U Elks member Larry Windingland suggested creating an event where our current Amtryke owners and their families could come together for an afternoon of fun, the GCC Annual Road Rally was born! 


The C-U Elks host this event in their banquet room while GCC members and volunteers create a track featuring stations where riders can gas their bike, wash it, bash a brick wall, drive over rumble strips, or just ride around. Superhero capes and masks are a hit with all the kids and everyone enjoys snacks, sandwiches, drinks, and table games. Some of our local therapists join in the adventure and provide any needed Amtryke adjustments, keeping our recipients riding in top notch form.


The Road Rally brings together parents, Amtryke riders, siblings, members, and volunteers for an afternoon of fun, giggles, and mobility! Consider joining our chapter and you can have this much fun, too. 

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