Amtryke Road Rally

Our newest project is the Amtryke Road Rally.  This is a day where children who have received Amtrykes in the past can bring them to ride around inside and just have fun!

Member Larry Windingland suggested having an event for Amtryke owners and their families and the GCC Annual Road Rally was born! The C-U Elks hosted the inaugural event in their banquet room while GCC members and volunteers created several stations where riders could gas their bike, wash it, bash a brick wall, drive over rumble strips, and ride around the track. Nine children and their families joined in the fun where superhero capes and masks were a hit and everyone enjoyed snack foods, sandwiches, drinks, and table games. Therapists attended to provide any necessary bike adjustments, insuring each bike fitted the specific child. Parents, Amtryke riders, siblings, members, and volunteers alike giggled and laughed while enjoying the day.