Activities Postponed

​​Due to the Pandemic situation all of our events have been canceled or postponed.  Normally in the winter we host our Bar Stool Golf Event at nine bars in Champaign but since we could not sit in the bars that had to be canceled.  In March we host our Cash Bash at the Elks Lodge in Savoy but again, we couldn't have people inside so it had to be canceled.  Our Amtryke Road Rally is also held in the Spring at the Elks Lodge but because of the fragile nature of the people who use Amtrykes, we could not host this fun day.  We are working on ideas and possibilities for when things are open and safe again.  We'll keep you posted!  Meanwhile, enjoy these pictures from past events.  We hope to see you soon!




AMBUCS is a national charitable service organization consisting of a diverse group of men and woman dedicated to creating mobility and independence for people with disabilities.  The Greater Champaign County Chapter has been making a difference in the Champaign County since 1981.  Our main accomplishments are the 350 ramps we have built for low income families in Champaign County since 1981 and the 180 AmTrykes we have given away in the last 10 years.  At right is the crew at one of our ramp builds.


Please take a look at the many wonderful things we do, and consider becoming a member.  We can always use the help, and we love meeting new people in the community.  In fact, if you like, just drop by one of our lunch meetings to see what we are all about.  We'll even spring for lunch!

Ready to join us?  Just print and fill out this Membership Application and we'll be happy to have you!



The Greater Champaign County Chapter of AMBUCS is a diverse group of people who come together with a common goal of helping the disabled members of our community. Our membership includes men and women from industry, from acadamia, retired persons, and people who own their own businesses.


From building wheelchair ramps for low-income residents to providing special trykes to children, to maintaining AMBUCS Park in East Urbana, our projects are as diverse as our membership. We support and participate in the Tom Jones Challenger League which is dedicated to seeing that all children no matter what their abilities know the fun of playing baseball.


The chapter is a busy one that has a project or fund raising effort going on several times a year. We have a Barstool Golf event in the winter months, a huge benefit dinner in February or March and a big golf outing in June. We also host the Scarecrow Festival in AMBUCS Park in the fall and decorate the Park every year for the holidays.  Don't have a lot of time to devote to the organization? No problem. Each member can participate as much or as little as they want.

The chapter also has socials where the members can get to know one another and build life-long friendships. The national organization hosts a yearly convention where about 80 AmTrykes are given to children and adults at a "rodeo" and there are regional conferences where chapters can learn from one another. Fun and fellowship are part of all we do!


The chapter meets once per week on Tuesday during the lunch hour, with the chapter Board meeting on the last Wednesday of the month. Join us for lunch and see what we are all about. Contact one of our officers and we'll set everything up.

Scarecrow Festival

The 2019 Scarecrow Festival was a big success! Sadly, due to COVID we have been forced to cancel for 2020.  We hope to bring the festival back in 2021.  In the mean time, please enjoy AMBUCS Park in east Urbana.

We build wheelchair ramps for low-income families in Champaign County.  Our 2021 ramp building season has not yet begun.  Please call Keith Jamieson at 217-552-3331 to get pre-qualified for a possible ramp build later in the year.


Our club gives away therapeutic tricycles, called AmTrykes, to children and adults with disabilities. The process starts with a recommendation from a therapist and an email to member Scott Price.  In no time, a trike will be assembled and delivered for the person to enjoy!